Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving - Bleh!

Today is Sunday. I moved on Friday. Bleh! I HATE moving! However, I'm excited about the new digs! It's very quiet, out in the country with huge fields behind the house. Birds are everywhere, so I'm looking forward to photographing more nature images as warm weather arrives and Spring unfolds. Yes, moving is not fun, but when you can improve from one place to another, its worth the effort. I also have a whole new office setup, which will be great for my work. I've already created a cool client viewing area with nice soft easy chairs and a coffee table to display albums. The walls will soon be covered with prints on display. I'm excited! Oooh, got to get back to finishing the Daddy Daughter Dance images. I promised delivery on or before March 1, so I've got to be sure to meet that commitment. More on the new place as we get settled in.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Knoxville's 1st Annual Daddy Daughter Dance

Wow! What a fun event I was privileged to help with last night. hosted Knoxville's first Daddy Daughter Dance at the Knoxville Hilton Hotel. They really weren't sure how it would go and ticket sales were only at 13 as of the week before.

So how was it? Really awesome! I was so busy start to finish! I photographed 155 dads with their beautiful daughters! Some were blessed with several daughters, including at least one set of triplets. Most were early teen to toddlers and CUTE! OH MY GOODNESS!!! The dresses were beautiful. The hairdressers and moms must have been busy all day Saturday. There were several with tiaras and they truly looked like little princesses. I honestly felt like I was in the presence of royalty!

I have to mention one couple though. The father was there with his daughter and she was just beaming with an ear-to-ear grin. I don't know their ages to be sure, but she was closer to my age than being a toddler. Dad was using a cane. They would have won an award for being the "most mature duo" but I could tell, they were having a great time and that's what it was for. Just a good, family fun time between a father and his daughter. My only regret was that my own two daughters couldn't join me. Maybe next year!

I haven't started processing photos yet, so I have none to post right now, but you'll see some on my next posting. Accolades go out to everyone who had a hand in making this a first class event and thanks for allowing me to participate! Great fun!