Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time to get back to posting on the blog.

I recently realized that not posting to my blog in some time has been a mistake. My son has started a blog that is wonderful reading as he has set out to take various weekend adventures and write about his preparations and then the event itself.  You can check it out through this link.

The image shown is from a wedding I photographed this past summer (click to enlarge). The joyful event was held at a 35-acre private home in Farragut, Tennessee. I LOVE photographing in natural light and there was a beautiful long hallway leading to the master bedroom, with a wall of glass along one side of the hallway. We asked the bride to stand in the hallway to set up the shot. Before I could turn around the two flower girls peaked out from the dining room doorway. This image was spontaneous from the standpoint of their presence. It was not planned for them to appear. That is the beauty of a happy wedding day, so much goes on that is not planned and it's such an awesome experience to "capture the moment".

Two other aspects of this shot were not staged but have been commented on by several who have seen the image. The home where the wedding was held belongs to the sister and brother-in-law of the bride. Notice their bridal portrait in the bedroom at the end of the hall. The second item is in the foreground to the right. I had visited the home with the engaged couple about three weeks prior to the wedding and took photographs for an engagement session. The day of the wedding, I had placed a digital frame on the table and it was cycling through a slide show from their engagement session. One of their favorites appears in the digital frame. It was a magical moment! Congratulations Melissa and Jesse!