Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Precious moments!

Wow! What a fun day it was Friday July 3 visiting in Cincinnati! First I met with Jennifer, a bride whose wedding I'll photograph on August 29. Jenn is not just any bride though...she is a very good friend and former employee. I first got to know her when she applied to work on staff at Camp Friedlander back in the late 1990's. It was so much fun catching up with her while we met at the church that morning. She was just beaming with excitement talking about her upcoming wedding day and all the plans she and her fiance have for their new life together. Great fun!

Then it was a short trip to Glenwood Gardens where I met up with sisters Regina and Rebecca and their families. Oh my...another walk down memory lane as we renewed acquaintances. I had worked with Regina for several years and met Rebecca on more than one occasion. This time I met their husbands and children for a photo session with both families. There is something about pretty girls that my camera just loves! You can tell by the image here, oh, but wait....I did not take this photograph! NO...this was taken by an able assistant, my youngest daughter Chelsea, who reluctantly took the Canon 40D with the 70-200m lens and captured some truly awesome candids as the children played. Thank you Chelsea! Great work! See, I knew are a very good photographer dear!