Saturday, March 7, 2009

Joy of Music School - Annie Sing-along

What fun! Last Sunday I had the privilege to photograph patrons at the Joy of Music School's 2nd annual Sing-along fund-raiser. They show a classic musical film at Knoxville's beautifully renovated Tennessee Theater and invite patrons to attend and sing-along during the movie. What a novel idea! The venue is superb as well, with the grand lobby entrance in the old style of great movie theaters. Last year the film was "The Sound of Music", certainly a superb opener for a new event. This year they chose "Annie" and what a great choice! One reason it was a great choice is because they had "characters" from the movie on-hand for photographs in the lobby. That's where I had my fun....taking the pictures of "Annie", "Daddy Warbucks" and of course, the loveable "Sandy" with the many patrons who attended...most being children with their parents. The event was organized in part by CenterCityEvents, Inc. (who invited me) and of course the Joy of Music School. I had a wonderful time and hope they'll invite me back again next year. It was a terrific event for a great cause.