Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dolphin Days of Summer!

It's been awhile since my last post. Summer can be a busy time for a photographer and that is an understatement. But you also have to take time out for family and the first week of August was incredible! A week at Corolla Beach, NC with 25 family and friends all in the same house! WOW!! I was up most days before the sun crested the horizon and was on the beach with my camera(s). The image I posted here I call "Dolphin Days of Summer" because it was the one day I saw dolphins from the beach at sunrise. All total I took over 2,000 images and yes, I'm still going through them trying to pick the best. A lot were family, some were posed, some were candid, many were sunrises or sunsets. Corolla is on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, just south of the Virginia border. The Atlantic Ocean is on the east side and Currituck Sound is on the west side, in places only a few hundred yards apart. Currituck Beach Lighthouse was also a subject in many of my images. Corolla is unique because the road was only paved in 1985, so much of the area is relatively newly developed. The beach was clean, the water clear, the patrons well behaved and all in all it was a wonderful vacation.