Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christy and Mike's Wedding at Dara's Garden

October 14 was a beautiful wedding day for Christy and Mike in spite of the iffy weather. Amazing how much rain we have been having, but it broke long enough for the ceremony to still be held outside. I really enjoyed this wedding as it was my first at Dara's Garden and also my first to work with the good people at One Enchanted Evening. A big thank you to Dara, Lisa and Brenda for all your hard work! You are all first class all the way!

The biggest 'funny' was the bouquet toss. In lining up to take the picture, I tried to tell the bride to move a little to her right. She didn't understand and made the toss right into the chandelier overhead. It dropped right back into her hands! See photo. I think I still hear all the girls laughing!